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About Studio City

Studio City is a charming suburb of Los Angeles nestled at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Fernando Valley. It lies just north of the Hollywood Hills, and is split by famed Laurel Canyon Boulevard. Home to CBS Studio Center, along with the highly rated Carpenter Elementary School and prestigious private schools Campbell Hall and Harvard-Westlake.

Studio City is an affluent area of the San Fernando Valley, with Ventura Boulevard cutting east to west. You will find incredible restaurants and shopping along the ‘Ventura Corridor’ which runs west from Studio City deep into the San Fernando Valley. Also known as ‘sushi row’, Ventura Blvd is home to at least 10 sushi restaurants within a three mile stretch located in the heart of Studio City. With numerous parks throughout the area and great hiking up Wilacre Park Trail in Fryman Canyon, Studio City offers an incredible mix of outdoor and walkable city amenities. Bordered by Mulholland Dr to the south, Toluca Lake & Universal City to the east, Valley Village to the north, and Sherman Oaks to the west.

Real estate in this area can be categorized by two types: either being ‘South of the Boulevard’ or ‘North of the Boulevard’. Being south is more desirable because these homes are usually in the Hills of Studio City and have great views of the San Fernando Valley. Houses that are north are generally in the ‘Flats’ and don’t offer the same privacy or views. That being said, there are many neighborhoods in Studio City that are extremely desirable north of Ventura, and there are actually some really popular Flat areas south of Ventura.

This isn’t a steadfast rule, which is why I’ve created this detailed map of Studio City to help you navigate the various neighborhoods and what each of them has to offer. Studio City is also an area that is extremely popular with developers who are tearing down older/smaller homes in favor of large new construction homes, known as mansionization. This issue has created many debates in various areas, and has forced LA lawmakers to approve new measures to further regulate the practice with new city ordinances.

Studio City is home to an estimated 40,000+ residents.


Studio City first got its name in 1927 after a film studio was built in the area on land donated by a developer. As the film industry flourished, local housing was built to accommodate film industry employees and their families. Studio City would soon become home to entertainment industry legends such as Joe Barbera, co-founder of Hanna Barbera, and countless Hollywood celebrities such as Gene Autry and George Clooney.


Many affluent single-family homes and condos with proximity to family friendly parks can be found in Studio City. One of Studio City’s first and still sought after neighborhoods is Colfax Meadows, which runs adjacent to Tujunga Village, home of Aroma Cafe. Some of the more elite real estate in Studio City can be found “South of the Boulvard” which carries a certain cache amongst its residents. With entertainment industry and Hollywood celebrities working at nearby studios, a demand for private estates and gated homes around the Hills of Studio City is high. Desirable areas include The Silver Triangle which runs south of Ventura Blvd bordered by Laurel Canyon Blvd and Laurel Terrace Dr to the west. Opposite to that on the east side of Laurel Canyon, you’ll find The Donas. The Donas is a collection of single family homes with great views of the Valley built on streets all starting with Dona (the Spanish word for Madam). Moving west from there just north of Ventura Blvd are Footbridge Square and Beeman Park neighborhoods. Two great neighborhoods that run along Whitsett Ave at Ventura Blvd, and is also home to Weddington Golf & Tennis. You can enjoy a quick round on the Par 3 pitch and putt or a play a tennis match, whilst being steps away from great shops and restaurants on Ventura Blvd.

For buyers looking for condos and townhouses, or just more affordable real estate in Studio City, some of the main condo/town areas can be found along Colfax Ave, Whitsett Boulevard, Moorpark Street and Studio Village, all of which have a large selection of condos and townhouses, yet still offer proximity to walkable amenities. With its proximity to the 101, 170 and 134 Freeways at the mouth of Cahuenga Pass as well as the Metro Subway Stop at Universal City Station, Studio City offers great transportation options for travelers.